We teach Mathematics following the 2014 National Curriculum.

In the Early Years, teachers provide a range of activities to support counting and early number skills. The children use stories, rhyme, toys and objects to develop counting and calculation skills. The children also learn about shape and early concepts of symmetry, collecting and manipulating statistical information and about the capacity, mass and size of common objects around the classroom. The children learn to form numerals and to write numbers.

In Key Stage 1, children have a daily mathematics lesson. They build upon the experiences of the Early Years and learn to make simple calculations, to develop their understanding of number, shape and statistics. They learn key number facts, such as number bonds, learning to recall them as a support for mental calculation. The children discuss and practise solving mathematical puzzles and problems.

In Key Stage 2, children have a daily mathematics lesson. They extend their ability to manipulate number and to calculate. They build their known number facts to facilitate more complex mental calculation. The children learn to use mathematics to solve puzzles and problems. They consolidate and extend their understanding of shape and statistics.

Details of the programme of work in each year group can be found below and on the year group pages of the website.

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