Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 Home Learning Page.

In the download section below, you will find new weekly plans. These plans have been developed using the School’s curriculum framework. There are also blank worksheets, such as writing frames and maps, which will help your child to complete the tasks.

There are a number of activities for each week. We would expect your child to spend a fair amount of time on these activities each day.

To begin with your child might complete a shorter reading or phonics-based session (30 minutes max) followed by a break. They could then complete a longer Maths or English session. Later in the day you may wish them to complete a Topic based activity.

Other lessons for Music and PE can also be followed.

At other times you may wish to use the BBC bitesize website, Oak National Academy website and the list of online education resources for home education available from the Department of Education. Links to these sites can be found below.

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