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Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

We teach French in Key Stage 2 in a weekly half hour lesson. The focus is on learning to communicate orally, as well as learning to write simple sentences and read simple texts. The curriculum also covers spelling, pronunciation and grammar rules. Children are introduced to the culture of France and the French-speaking world. We use the Rigolo interactive scheme to teach French. An overview of the scheme is attached.

Rigolo introduces children to French in a fun, interactive way. Each year group studies 6 units, which build language around different themes, in a familiar and engaging context for junior pupils. Each unit is based around the story of an English speaking family who move to France. The family make friends with local people and through their interactions the pupils learn to listen, speak, read and write in French. Alongside the interactive story there are songs to consolidate new language and a native speaking e-teaching assistant, who can model and support children to listen to and learn effective French pronunciation.

The language functions and style of teaching in Rigolo lay a good foundation for further language study in secondary school.

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