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Year 6

We have two Year 6 classes.  Class 6TL is taught by Mr Tom Lacy.  Class 6KL is taught by Mrs Katie Little.  The classes are supported by a team of teaching assistants and other auxiliary staff.  Year 6 are based on the Alexandra House site.  In Years 5 and 6 English and Maths are taught in mixed groups led by Mrs Little, Mrs Lonsdale, Mrs Cossar and Mr Lacy.

Details of the curriculum plans, parent newsletters and assessment resources can be accessed below.

SATs Stress:
At this time of year it is natural for our year 6 children to be thinking a lot about the upcoming Year 6 assessments and Secondary schools. These thoughts can sometimes lead to worry or undue stress in your child which could manifest in many different ways: sleep patterns may change; they may seem more sensitive or emotional than usual; eating habits may change and so on.

It is important as adults, both parents and adults in school supporting your children, that we continue to reassure them that the SATs are not a major, life-changing event and that all they can do and be expected to do, is try their best. The children have worked incredibly hard and we are sure that this effort will pay off. Whilst it is important that the children do their best and show what they can do, it is essential that they know that whatever happens, they are each unique, amazing and loved.

We try really hard as a school to ensure routines continue as normal and that we do not highlight SATs as something to be feared, resented or prepared for constantly. Please do come and speak to us if you are concerned about your child or would like any advice.

Please find attached further advice about supporting your child during exam times:


Please also find below a link to a website with a grammar quiz- it only allows access for 15 minutes per day for free, so it guarantees that your child will not become over-worked or tired.

(Please note they are external sites so we cannot guarantee their content.)

PE this half term
In Summer 1 both classes will be doing Athletics and Kwik Cricket in our longer PE session. We aim to do these lessons outside and as the weather becomes warmer we recommend that as long as their usual PE kit, children bring a water bottle and cap to wear on hot days. Please remember that an outdoor PE kit consists of their usual white t-shirt with a black or dark blue tracksuit (if it is colder), preferably without slogans or emblems. Children will also need black shorts for our shorter inside lesson. Please do not send leggings in as part of your child’s PE kit.

Supporting learning at home
We want every child in our school to enjoy learning, build their self-esteem and make individual progress. In order to support this your child will have homework sent home regularly. They should aim to complete as much as possible independently and can speak to their teachers if they have any concerns or questions.

It is also incredibly important that children experience learning from the world around them through exploring new places, visiting museums, reading a variety of texts and playing outdoors. This is even more important as we move further through the school year. Children may begin to feel anxious or overwhelmed and it is important that they have time to relax and opportunities to learn in the real world around them rather than just in formal learning. We always love to hear about what the children have been doing outside of school.

Ideas for developing Maths skills
‘Real life’ Maths is especially important to help your child develop their problem solving and reasoning skills. For example,
- Paying for items in the shop
- Managing and saving their own money
- Working with time, such as timetabling their day, working out cinema times and planning journeys
- Playing maths based games and solving maths riddles
- Building, drawing and creating objects using a variety of materials

Websites with games to build Maths skills:
- (This is great for times tables practice- we often play this in class)
- (General Maths games)
- (Great for challenges and riddles)

This website is also good for Grammar based games. It also includes some explanations for common methods and terminology that might be used in school:

Please note: These are external sites so we cannot guarantee the content. However, please let us know if the link does not work or if there is anything inappropriate. Also, please be aware that some are made for tablets and others for both tablets and PC.

We are continuing to implement an adapted format for Spelling within school this year. This involves having a small set of words that are practised within class and at home over a number of weeks. We will explore and learn these words through games, challenges and within our daily talk time and English sessions. We will not be completing weekly spelling tests in class.
Please support your child in learning their spellings through the tasks sent home and the activities on the English page of the website. Certain games and activities can also be downloaded from the English page and used at home.

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