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Maintenance fund

As a church school the governors have a legal responsibility to provide 10% of the funding towards any capital building project. A school building that is welcoming, fit for purpose and fresh is vital for the school’s success. It is important that there is an effective, rolling renovation programme to ensure this. The governors’ maintenance fund helps to secure this. The fund also pays the public liability insurance premium for the school.

The governors’ maintenance fund is made up of parental donations and any monies raised through the rental of the school’s facilities. This vital fund relies on both sources of income.

Each academic year we ask for a donation of £20 per term or £60 per year per family. This is a voluntary contribution to the maintenance fund.

Many of our families have set up a standing order to collect these donations at £5 per month This reduces the amount of paperwork we send out each term and also saves administration and banking time. If you would like to use this method please find a standing order form at the foot of this page. This standing order can last you until your youngest child leaves year 6. Please return the standing order form to the school office. We will send these to the bank with a covering letter.

If you are a taxpayer please also kindly complete the Gift Aid declaration. This will enable us to reclaim the tax that you have paid at no cost to yourself.

If you use online banking and wish to set up your standing order online please can you send a copy of the form to the office indicating it has been set up online and completing the Gift Aid section.

The maintenance fund is a vital part of the school’s funding and we are very grateful for the support parents show when contributing to the fund.

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