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Nursery Admissions - September 2024

(DOB 01/09/20 - 31/08/21)

Come and see our nursery in action. Our next open morning is on Wednesday 22nd May 2024 at 9:30am, please email the school office on office@stpauls.hounslow.sch.uk to reserve a place.

The school runs a 15 hour nursery, Monday to Friday, 9am - noon. The nursery is open to children whose fourth birthday falls within the academic year. In other words, they will celebrate their fourth birthday in the academic year in which they attend nursery.

Applications for our nursery should be made on the application form on Hounslow borough nursery admission form - irrespective of the borough in which you reside. The application form as well as the information guide is included in the links at the bottom of this page - Starting Nursery 2024. Also, the application form for printing and returning to the school office. The editable version can be emailed to the school office, please note that if you do email application to the school, the original supporting documents will need to brought to us.

In Year Admissions

We welcome in year admissions from families moving into the area or where a school move out of the normal admission round is necessary. Applications for places from Reception to Year 6 should be made through the Hounslow borough admissions team. If you need help or advice, please call our friendly office team on 020 8560 3297. In Year admissions for the nursery can be arranged through the school.

How to be successful in application:

First of all, come and see us and other schools. You should get a sense of which school you and your child will feel most comfortable in. We very much hope that St Paul’s feels right for you.

Compile your list of schools in your application form in the order that you most want. For the best chance of getting a place in our school put us 1st on your list.

Number of places available and admissions criteria
The governors of the school set the school’s admissions criteria which operate in the event of over-subscription.

FAQs/myth busting
Do I need to submit a supplementary information form?

No. For admission from September 2023 our places are all ‘open’ places. This means they are like most other schools: 1. Looked After Children, 2. Distance. Just like any other school there is a preference for those with siblings already in the school. Other church schools may have admissions criteria which reserve or allocate a preference for church attendance, but we DO NOT. True to our foundation, we are here to serve the families of Brentford and others in our locality.

Why should I put St Paul’s first on my admissions list?

We only ask you to do this if you really like our school and would really like to come to us. It is important to choose us first as the local authority are obliged to offer you a place at the school highest up your preference list.

The governors of St Paul’s are responsible for the admissions to the school. We work with our local authority to process admissions. Once applications close, we receive a long list from the local authority with the names of all pupils that have applied for a place at our school. What we are not told is which preference each family has given to our school.

At the point of processing admissions, we are over-subscribed and must apply our admissions criteria. We then allocate places and return our list to the local authority. Some of the pupils to whom we have offered a place may not have put us at the top of their preference and may be offered a school higher up their preference list. This reopens a place at our school, however if other families on the list for our school have put us as a lower preference, possibly because they are not churchgoers, they will never know that they have been offered a place at our school, as they will only be informed of the school highest in their list of preferences which has offered them a place. This is why we encourage those families that like our school to put us first or second in their preference list.


Parents have the right to appeal for a place at St Paul’s School when we (the admissions authority) have been unable to offer you a place. Your appeal will be heard by an appeals panel who are totally independent of the admissions authority and have had no involvement with any decision made to date about your child. Information about appeals, the appeals timetable and the appeals form are attached below.

Admissions Criteria

Our admissions criteria from 2023 onwards have changed. We have simplified our admission criteria to make things easier for local families. Our criteria from 2023 onwards are exactly the same as most local schools. Looked after Children have the highest priority, with all other places allocated in essence by distance. Our Church of England primary school retains its strong Christian ethos, but we are removing ‘foundation’ places from our criteria. You have never needed to be a churchgoer to attend our school, our new admissions criteria reflect this.

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