At St Paul’s we teach English in line with the 2014 National Curriculum. The skills of effective spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary are integral to all subjects across the curriculum.

In the Early Years, children have access to a range of activities to develop early writing skills. Gross and fine motor skills are developed to support effective pen grip. The children are encouraged to label and write their names and other common words on pictures and other pieces of work. They have discrete phonics lessons in which they learn to discriminate between sounds and to read and form the letters that make individual sounds. The children share and enjoy stories, rhymes and songs with their teachers and other adults. Through a range of resources they role play stories and everyday activities. They use pictures and word banks to write stories and other simple texts. English fluency is essential and the teachers provide a range of activities to support effective speaking and listening.

Children in Key Stage 1 build upon the skills developed in the Early Years. They have differentiated English lessons every day and discreet phonics sessions each week. We use the Read, Write Inc. programme to support the teaching of phonics. Each class has guided reading sessions in which they read with an adult, developing effective independent reading skills, comprehension and vocabulary. The children also have discrete handwriting lessons. English lessons are planned around a theme, such as traditional tales. Within each theme, children are taught particular reading, writing, speaking or listening skills. Children in Key Stage 1 also participate in the Big Talk and Big Write each week. This provides them an opportunity to prepare for and write a piece of sustained independent writing, implementing newly acquired skills. In Key Stage 1, spelling and reading form part of a child’s weekly homework. We use the Oxford Reading Tree as our main reading scheme.

Children in Key Stage 2 have differentiated English lessons every day. In years 5 and 6 we divide the children into groups for English. English lessons are planned over a unit of work, typically a number of weeks in length. The unit has a central theme, within which children refine their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. We continue the Big Talk and Big Write sessions each week to support sustained, independent writing. The children have weekly spelling and reading homework as well as grammar homework in upper Key Stage 2.

Details of the programme of work in each year group can be found on the year group pages of the website.

Read these books, enjoy them, and have them marked off at the back of your Reading Record. At the end of each year you will have experienced 9 of the best children’s books ever written, some old, some new and all by great authors.
These books are recorded at the back of your Reading Record and are to be read as well as the regular books that your child takes home. They can read them to you, or you can read them together! Simply share the experience of great books, and remember, take your time, they can be kept for more than one week.
Please don’t try and read the books in one go, take your time, and remember that some of the books may be a little hard so why not read them together? If your child likes the books then try another book by the same author. Above all read them for pleasure!

Look below for the PDF downloads for each class.

We aim to help the children learn a small number of spellings each year that will Remember and use all the way through the school. To fulfill this aim we now give less spellings over the year, and often the spellings will repeat for a number of weeks. When new spellings are given out, the old spellings are also given, so as the year progresses there will be a bigger list week on week. At the end of the year it is hoped that most of the children will know most of the spellings.

There are PDF downloads for the Spelling Games.

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