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Year 3

We have two year 3 classes, based on the St Paul’s Site. Class 3H is taught by Mr Danny Horry and Class 3M is taught by Mrs Stephanie Metcalf. They are supported regularly by the teaching assistant team and other auxiliary staff.

Details of the curriculum plans, parent newsletters and assessment resources can be accessed below.

Maths at home

Children learning Maths through real life situations is an excellent way to secure skills and it is always great for children to practise these key skills at home. Below, are some websites that have great Maths games and activities suitable for your child. They explore a range of areas but children should focus on times tables (and related divisions), number bonds (pairs of numbers that add up to a total, usually a multiple of 10) and the four operations.


http://www.mathematicshed.com/ (You will need to navigate through this website as some activities are quite tricky!)



Times tables support:




Every day activities are also brilliant for children to develop their Maths confidence and awareness. For example,

- paying for something themselves at a shop

- trying to add up some items on a shopping list

- working out what time a favourite TV programme will end

- Sharing food into fractions (cutting up a pizza perhaps!)

- Creating data charts and tallies of buses and vehicles they might see

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