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PE is taught as a discreet subject across the school. The school uses some of its sports grant premium to buy in specialist support from Sports Impact. This support is sometimes used in PE.

The focus in key stage 1 is for children to develop generic physical skills, securing their coordination, control and team work skills. In keys stage 2 the pupils build on these skills and apply them to specific sports and games.

Through our PE lessons our children develop confidence to excel in a broad range of physical activities, engage in competitive sports and activities and are physically active for sustained periods of time. We also teach our children to lead healthy and active lives. Each class has two hours of PE a week. During one of the hours the children take part in a ‘real PE’ lesson. These lessons focus on developing physical literacy, and fitness. The second hour is used for teaching gymnastics, dance and specific sports. Further information can be found in the schemes of work.

We work closely with local sports partners, such as Brentford Football club and participate in borough wide sports events and competitions.

Our PE schemes of work are attached at the foot of this page.

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