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Year 2

We have one Year 2 class. Class 2B is taught by Mrs Chloe Barry.  Class 2B is supported regularly by the teaching assistant team and other auxiliary staff. Year 2 are based on the Alexandra House site.

Details of the curriculum plans, parent newsletters and the assessment resources can be accessed below.


Practising maths skills at home is a great way to build upon what is being learnt at school. Below are some websites with games and activities suitable for you child, these can be accessed by clicking on the purple writing. Please note, that these link to external websites that we have checked, but please do let us know if the content changes.

TT Rockstars

Practice your times tables!

Cool Maths

This website has a number of games and activities grouped by category so you can choose games that focus on the area of the curriculum being worked on at school.

Hit the Button

Great for practising number bonds, halving, doubling and times tables.


To support your child with their learning in school, we have sent home a list of common exception words for you and your child to practise together at home. This list is also available as a file at the bottom of this page. It is really important that you do practise and support your child regularly with these words. Below are a few ideas to help make learning these spellings a bit more fun and enjoyable for both you and your child!

Common Exception Words

• Flash card games

• Make a puzzle using ‘Discover Education Puzzlemaker’ (enter the words you wish to practise and create a puzzle)

• Word games (eg. Hangman)


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