St Paul's Primary School Brentford

Single Equalities

St Paul’s School operates equality of opportunity in its day to day practices:

We aim to provide all our pupils with the opportunity to succeed and to reach the highest level of personal achievement. To do this we:-

  • Use contextual data to improve the ways in which we provide support to individuals and groups of pupils.
  • Monitor achievement data by ethnicity, gender and SEND and provide support to narrow any gaps.
  • Take account of all pupils’ achievement when planning future learning and setting challenging targets.
  • Prepare all pupils for life in a diverse society.
  • Promote attitudes and values that will challenge racist and other discriminatory behaviour or prejudice.
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to appreciate their own culture and celebrate the diversity of other cultures.
  • Seek to involve all parents in supporting their child’s education.
  • Include teaching and classroom based approaches appropriate for the whole school population which are inclusive and reflective.

St Paul’s Primary School Brentford
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