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St Paul’s Primary is a Church of England School, which has strong links with the Church from which it takes its name; St Paul’s Parish Church, Brentford.

The Church’s close proximity to the school (located opposite the school, just across the road) has maintained the link, which is more than just in name; there is constant contact between the two and together they form an integral part of the local community and joint events are frequent.

The children of St Paul’s School attend church every Thursday morning for worship and are comfortable within the church environment; many of the children also attend either the Sunday school or Church crèche on Sundays. Being close enables class visits, which assist the teaching of aspects of the religious education syllabus. There are also joint celebrations for the key Christian festivals such as Easter and Christmas.

The Priest in Charge, The Reverend Sarah Guinness is also a Governor and a regular visitor to the school, liaising directly with the Headteacher and other staff in the school with regard to the children’s welfare, collective worship and religious education.

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St Paul’s Primary School Brentford
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