Curriculum Subjects

The National Curriculum 2014 sets out the curriculum requirements for schools in England. It distinguishes between core and foundation subjects. The core subjects are: English, mathematics and science. These form a significant element of the Early Years curriculum and children receive regular teacher input on them in the Early Years. They are taught as discreet lessons in key stages 1 and 2. There are daily English and mathematics lessons in all classes from years 1 to 6.

The foundation subjects include: art and design, computing, design and technology, foreign language (at KS2), geography, history, music and physical education. Some of these lessons we teach discreetly whilst others we bring together as a topic. Further details on all the foundation subjects can be found on the subject pages of our website.

Our topic lessons enable us to draw on links between subjects and to place them in a meaningful context. Topic lessons involve a significant amount of pupil enquiry and research. They also have a range of practical activities, which our children enjoy, leading to high levels of engagement and learning.

The foundation subjects that we bring together into our topic lessons include: art and design, design and technology, geography and history.

Our topic schemes of work are taught on a two-yearly cycle. The schemes of work are attached at the foot of this page.

Religious Education is also a statutory subject and central to our work as a Church of England primary school. Each class has at least weekly lessons, details of the religious education scheme of work can be found on the ‘Religious Education’ page of our website.

Class teachers distribute a curriculum outline each half term. These can be found on our year group pages. For further information on the curriculum please ask your child’s class teacher or send an enquiry to the school office.

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