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Visiting the school kitchens

On Friday 21st June, two groups of children from Reception and Year 2 visited the school kitchens.

The children were shown around the kitchens.  Everyone had to wear hairnets to stop hair and germs getting into the food.  The children were shown the ‘magic’ oven.  One child asked why the oven is magic.  Our chef told us that it can cook, boil or steam.  It can even clean itself! 

The children watched one of the chefs getting the ingredients ready for chocolate brownies.  Then, they watched the ingredients being mixed in a very large mixer.  The children had a look inside the freezer and the store cupboard.  They saw a massive tin of baked beans and they also found some enormous onions.  They enjoyed watching the huge dishwasher wash the plates.  One child said, “It sounds like a helicopter.”

The children were all very interested and asked the chefs lots of questions.  They found out that the school kitchens cook approximately 280 meals every day.  Thank you to our school’s catering team for letting us go behind the scenes!

Visiting the school kitchens
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