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Trip to John’s Boatworks

Today a group of children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 went on a trip to visit John’s Boatworks on Lot’s Ait in Brentford.

The children were very inquisitive, asking John lots of questions.  John explained how they start off by designing a boat on paper.  They then mark the wood using measuring tools: rulers, set squares, protractors and tape measures.  John showed the children the goggles and masks they need to wear when they cut the wood to stop the sawdust getting in their eyes.  John also had a special gadget, which measures perpendicular lines incredibly accurately by using lasers.  All the tools help the boatbuilders to build boats incredibly accurately with beautiful detail.

The children also sat in the wooded part of the island and sketched the trees, the boat shed and boats.  The children met two black cats at the boatyard, which enjoyed being stroked.  Fortunately, we didn’t see any crocodiles or get stuck in the mud!

The children really enjoyed the visit and we would like to thank John very much for having us.

Trip to John’s Boatworks
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