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Stewardship in Brentford

Posted by Mr Wright on 20/03/23 at 06:26 PM

During Lent we have been considering the amazing world that God made and wants us to care for. We call this care ‘stewardship’. By looking after our environment, plants and animals we can protect and care for the planet, leaving it in good shape for future generations. We have thought about little things that we can all do to protect our environment: not littering, planting new plants and caring for the plants around us and conserving power by switching off lights when we leave a room. These small acts can make a big difference.

The Great British Spring Clean started on 17th March and this lunchtime, pupils from Year 6, including members of our Eco Club, went out into our local area to pick up litter. We collected 7 bags of rubbish and 3 bags of recyclable waste in just an hour of litter picking. We focussed on an area we had planted with daffodils last year, our local park and surrounding roads. Find out more about what the children thought in the videos below.

Stewardship in Brentford
St Paul’s Primary School Brentford
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