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Making and drawing circuits

Posted by Mrs Little on 15/01/22 at 02:09 PM

Year 6 are learning about Electricity in Science this half term. So far we have explored a range of equipment and recapped what we already know about Electricity. This week we found out about the accurate, scientific symbols that are used when drawing circuit diagrams. The children were tasked with creating a range of circuits, seeing if they were successful and then drawing them accurately into their books. 

It was interesting to hear the discussions taking place and I was impressed that many of the children noticed when a circuit wouldn't work- for example when batteries were placed negative to negative. 

Once they had completed the initial task, some children were challenged to try and build their own switch using cardboard, paperclips and split pins. Many were successful and could put their switch into a circuit to light a bulb and start a motor. 

Making and drawing circuits
Making and drawing circuits
Making and drawing circuits
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