6L Step Back in Time

Posted by Mrs Little on 01/12/22 at 08:09 PM

Today 6L transported back to Victorian Brentford and experienced a Victorian school afternoon. Although it opened our eyes to the hardships of children back then, and the differences in school now, we still had a lot of fun playing in role! Some children were ‘poorer children’, who came from the workhouse or cleaned chimneys. Others became ‘Teacher’s Pets’ and were allowed to sit and not do work, and have treats!

The children stayed in role really well, and particularly enjoyed hearing their naughty classmates receiving the cane (pretend, of course!). However, the children chosen to be ‘punished’ were very convincing!

We also experienced a taste of what lessons might have been like: reciting the Lord’s Prayer and times tables, exploring the British Empire and handwriting in a cursive style using chalk- this was perhaps one of the trickiest tasks. Many pieces of chalk were broken, which of course made the Victorian teacher very cross!

At the end of the afternoon the children were keen to share their favourite moments but we could all agree on one thing- we definitely prefer school now!

6L Step Back in Time
6L Step Back in Time
6L Step Back in Time
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