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A treat at Gail’s Bakery

Posted by Mrs Little on 24/04/24 at 07:48 PM

This week a small group of Year 5 and 6 pupils were invited to visit 'Gail's Bakery' on the high street to celebrate its opening. As soon as we arrived, we were warmly welcomed and the children were gazing in delight at many of the delicious items available to buy! 

We heard the story of Gail's Bakery from its launch to how it now has over a hundred bakeries open and how they bake up to 100, 000 loaves a day! We also found out what happens to any surplus food (it is collected by a local charity) and how one starter dough is used for all of their bakes. The children were very impressed and were comparing the types of bread in the shop. 

To finish our visit, the children were treated to yummy hot chocolates and either a croissant or a cinnamon bun. Every child seemed to have a great time (especially with the free treats) and it was lovely to explore a new business in the area. 

A treat at Gail’s Bakery
A treat at Gail’s Bakery
A treat at Gail’s Bakery
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