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Year 6 group goes to Heidelberg

A group of year 6 children visited the printing showroom in Heidelberg.  We were introduced to people who work there and were shown massive printers and how they work. We were told some key information about printing: there are four colours of ink that they use, cyan, magenta, black and yellow. The printing machines that they use print 18,000 papers an hour, 300 a minute and 5 a second. They can print any size and type of paper. We learnt that the biggest printer (In Scotland) costs £6,000,000. They showed us a printer which costs £1,200,000. We learnt that Heidelberg uses a magic powder that dries the ink. When they put the ink on the rollers they covered it because they didn’t want the sun, that has UV (ultraviolet light), to dry the ink. They also have to line up the target otherwise the picture will become blurry.

Before we went on the trip the group made a piece of artwork (of the sea) using lots of printing techniques. We gave it to the people at Heidelberg to print. They put it into a special document called PDF (portable document format) and printed it.  If you look very closely at a picture in your newspaper then you will see that it is made out of little dots, some will be bigger than others. We really enjoyed our trip and learnt loads about printing. THANK YOU HEIDELBERG !!!

Written by two Year 6 children.

Please see all the photos from the trip in the gallery.

Year 6 group goes to Heidelberg
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