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Year 5 visit Hen Corner

Year 5 were lucky enough to visit Mrs Ward, her bees and chickens at Hen Corner. We have been learning about the life cycles of different plants, animals and insects in Science, so it was interesting to learn about the metamorphosis process that bees go through. The children asked lots of interesting questions, such as: “How is a new Queen bee born?”, “Why don’t the bees leave their hives?” and “How do the bees get ‘royal jelly’ from their heads?”

Luckily the children were able to draw on the expertise of Mrs Ward and both the children and adults learnt a lot of new facts. The whole visit was lovely and made us appreciate what an important role bees play in our everyday life…Did you know that bees play a huge part in helping apples to grow? Ask someone in Year 5 if you want to find out how!

As well as learning lots of facts, the children had a chance to do some observation drawings and sample some delicious lavender biscuits, home-made blackberry cordial and Mrs Ward’s award winning Brentford honey (truly scrumptious!)

We had a fantastic time, thank you Mrs Ward for having us.

Year 5 visit Hen Corner
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