Learning about food at Hen Corner

Posted by Mrs Heyhoe on 18/07/19 at 11:05 AM

On Thursday 13th June, a group of Reception children visited Hen Corner. It was raining heavily, so unfortunately, we couldn’t visit Hen Corner’s beautiful garden. However, we were very fortunate as Sara invited us into her home. The children enjoyed delicious oatcake biscuits and elderflower cordial. When he tasted the elderflower cordial, one child said, “It tastes of honey.”

Sara explained how she makes cheese from the curds. She separates the curds and whey in the milk using rennet. The children tried a taste of the whey, which they said tasted sour. If you would like to know how to make cheese at home, click here. Sara also told us that cheese was discovered when milk was stored in a bag made of a sheep’s stomach. The rennet in the stomach made the milk curdle and the first cheese was created. If you would like to learn about the history of cheese, click here.

One child asked if the bees were sleeping. Unfortunately, it was too cold and wet for the bees so we couldn’t see them. Sara showed the children parts of the beehive and they saw lots of hexagons. The children also planted their own chive seeds to take home. They used plastic bags to make mini greenhouses. Hopefully, the children have been tasting their chive plants at home.

The children were very excited when Sara brought in two of her chickens for them to stroke. The children asked lots of questions. For example, one child asked, “Where did you get all the chickens from?” Sara explained that she had bought some and also hatched some chickens from eggs.

Thank you so much to Hen Corner for our visit!

Learning about food at Hen Corner
Learning about food at Hen Corner
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