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Visit to Heidelberg

A group of children from Year 6 visited Heidelberg on 11th July. 

Today, some of the same children delivered a thank-you letter to Heidelberg.  This is what they wrote:

“Thank you for the exciting trip you gave us. You gave us an experience we haven’t had before. You opened our eyes and our perspective of the way of printing completely changed. Thank you for inviting us to see all the different equipment you have to print.

My favourite part was when I put my finger into the ink containing the magic powder. The feeling was so weird! My favourite part was when we went upstairs, above the digital printing press, and got to see the ink pouring from the tube onto the roller.  Our other favourite part was when we saw our own art being printed.  It was so cool seeing all the printing going so fast.

I made a calculation, which was how many prints per year were done. The answer was 131,040,000 prints per year! And 13,104,000,000,000 per 100,000 years!

We had the best time at Heidelberg. It was lovely to admire all the different tools and equipment you used. We hope we will get to see you again someday. Your logo is quite unique and inspirational.”

Visit to Heidelberg
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