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Tea school at teapigs

A group of Year 1 and 2 children together with 6 of their mums visited teapigs in the Old Pumping Station in Brentford on Thursday 26th April.  They had a fabulous time at the teapigs tea school!

Firstly, the children were shown a tea plant (the ‘camellia sinensis’) - where tea comes from. Then the children had to compare a regular teabag with a teapigs tea temple. They broke open the bags and compared the tea inside.  The regular tea didn’t smell very strongly and was very powdery and dusty.  The tea inside the teapigs temple was whole leaves, flowers or berries and smelt really good.  Also, the children were told that a normal teabag is stitched using plastic, which means that tea drinkers are drinking plastic.  The teapigs temples are biodegradable mesh bags made out of corn starch, so they are completely safe.

The children also learnt about the packaging used for tea at teapigs.  Even though the inner bags inside the cardboard packet look like plastic, they are actually made out of natureflex, a biodegradable material made from wood pulp.  The children learnt to tell the difference between normal plastic bags and natureflex: natureflex scrunches tightly, whereas normal plastic bags ping back to shape.  The mums and children thought this was amazing.  This means that teapigs packaging is plastic free - the card packet can be recycled and the tea temples and natureflex can go in the home compost.

Next, the mums made tea from the teapigs tea and poured this over ice.  The children spooned some fruit into the iced tea and enjoyed a delicious tea drink. 

Finally, the children blended their own tea by selecting from a wonderful variety of leaves, berries, fruit, herbs, flowers and spices. They designed their own tea packets in which to carry their tea home. The children left after being given badges and certificates to say that they had attended tea school.

Thank you so much to everyone at teapigs for being so kind and generous to us!

Tea school at teapigs
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