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Reception’s Busy Week

This week the Reception children have taken part in a number of exciting events.

To finish Number November we took part in a problem solving workshop, focusing on shape. The children had to identify a range of 2d shapes and had to work as part of a team to build squares from a given number of sticks. The children found this tricky but persevered, working together and talking to their friends in order to solve the problem.

On Wednesday afternoon we went on a number trail around the school. The children completed a number of different tasks including counting how many bean bags they could throw in a hoop, continuing a two-step colour pattern and counting the number of steps in the Year 4 corridor. The children really enjoyed this activity and were keen to share their findings with their friends and the adults.

On Friday, we took part in a special ‘Stranger Danger’ workshop with our local community Police Officers. The children found out about the different types of equipment the Police carry with them and talked about what to do if they ever got lost. They asked lots of interesting questions and were keen to talk about their experiences.

Next week we shall continue to think about nocturnal animals and the importance of Advent for Christians and we are looking forward to showing off our dancing skills at the PTFA Christmas Disco (please see notices on the school gates and the email sent out on Monday for details).

Reception’s Busy Week
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