Gardening Workshop

Posted by Mrs Heyhoe on 08/06/23 at 03:58 PM

This afternoon, a group of Year 4 children took part in a gardening workshop in the St Paul’s Church garden.

We looked at all the different fruit plants in the garden. We spotted a fig tree, a raspberry bush, strawberry plants and a crab apple tree. We even saw tiny kiwis growing.

The children worked very hard. They watered all the vegetable plants that are growing in the garden. These included potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn, pea, leeks, courgette and pumpkin. They also pulled and dug out lots of weeds.

We saw lots of insects in the garden and learnt that there are 150 different types of bee in London and 25,000 different types of bee in the world.

We also learnt about the cleavers plant, which have tiny hooks on the leaves that stick to things. This is where the idea for velcro came from!

Thank you so much to Cultivate London, the Thriving Communities Fund at Hounslow Council and St Paul’s Church garden for providing such a brilliant session for the children this afternoon.

For more photos, click here to go to the gallery.

Gardening Workshop
Gardening Workshop
Gardening Workshop
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