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All aboard the Routemaster!

On Tuesday 5th March, a group of children from Years 1 and 2 went to visit RedRoutemaster on Brentford High Street, together with some of their mums and dads.  RedRoutemaster is a family business that hires out AEC Routemaster buses for weddings, parties and even films.

The children had an amazing time.  They learnt that the Routemaster bus they were sitting in was 55 years old.  It was made using aluminium and built like an aeroplane.  They also got to explore a modern bus and look at the differences between the modern bus and the Routemaster.  One child later said, “The bus had no doors!”

The children were very excited when they sat in the driver’s seat and honked the horn.  The noise must have been heard all over Brentford!  The children also drew a picture of a bus, some embellishing theirs with sofas and jacuzzis.

We were all very surprised when the bus driver said he would drive us back to school.  The children sat on the top deck and enjoyed the views of Brentford near the Great West Road, pointing out all the places they knew. 

Thank you so much to RedRoutemaster for such a fabulous morning!

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All aboard the Routemaster!
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