6L read a ‘latte’!

Posted by Mrs Little on 23/09/22 at 07:14 PM

In 6L reading is a huge area of enjoyment and focus. I truly believe that every child is one good book away from becoming a reader and in 6L we have already spent a lot of time exploring the range of books on offer in the class library. We have a reading cafe within the classroom, called ‘Starbooks’ full of suggestions, takeaway book options and a wide menu of texts. The barista (Mrs Little!) regularly updates the specials and it is lovely to see the children exploring new books.

We have suggestions from the children and staff, and children in 6L can have their Starbooks loyalty card stamped every time they finish a book and have written about it in their reading record. We also have mystery takeaway book options available, all to encourage them to read different genres and authors and get enthusiastic about books!

Reading is not only fun for many pupils but it is a crucial skill for all aspects of learning. It is vital that even in Year 6, when many pupils are reading independently, that this reading is regularly shared with an adult at home. The reading record is a fantastic way of keeping track of your child’s reading. It is always lovely to see children sharing books at home and hearing what they have been discussing with you.

If you are unsure how best to complete your child’s weekly comment, think about:

- What your child was able to tell you about the story and characters so far (recall facts)

- Exploring some of the language used by the author

- Predicting events and trying to encourage your child to justify their opinion

- Looking up or listing any unfamiliar/ unknown words

- Sharing with the teacher whether the book was an appropriate level for your child

Please continue to read with your child and to fill in their reading record at least once a week. It really is incredibly valuable and we love to hear what our parents have to say. If you have any questions about your child’s reading, or are having difficulty encouraging your child to read at home, please get in touch.

6L read a ‘latte’!
6L read a ‘latte’!
6L read a ‘latte’!
6L read a ‘latte’!
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